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Adobri Solutions Workshop.

Main goal for a Astronautics Workshop is to give participants on-hand experience with today's existing technologies in software, electronics, engineering, marketing, space law, by building and launching Canadian Cubesat to a Low Earth Orbit.

Let bussines to profit from improving skils of their workforce in technology next gen workshop.     Workshop tasks database

Astronautics Workshop includes:

1. Ground station software (Java, C#, C)

    Software repository
         a) Trajectory claculation main engine
             1. Orbit calculation
             2. optimization of the impulses for the orbit
             3. Simulation for the GPS signals
             4. Orbit detrmination based on distnace calculated in communicatiin session
             5. Simulation of the pulsars signals
             6. Orbit determination based on pulasers observatin data
         b) Visualization of the data
             1. Satelite position visualisation
             2. Earth and moon visualization
         c) Distributed calculation engine
             1. formal of the XML initial
         d) DB communication data
             1. Format of the stored data 
         e) Communication system for Ground station
         f) Ground station design
             1. Central mission control
             2. Antenna orientation system
             3. Communication system for ground station
             4. Time syncronization btw Mission control and ground station
2. Communication system (hardware)

    Hardware repository
         a) 2.4 GHz core module
         b) claculations for requared signals to be transmitted
         c) Amplifiers LNA
         d) Scematics design
         e) PCB design
         f)  Manifacturing PCB
         g) Manufacturing hardware
3. Communication system (C#, C)

    Software repository
         a) Core microcontroller module
         b) Serial interunit protocol
         c) Packets
             1. Control messaages
             2. data messages
             3. Error protection
             4. Error recovery 2 from 3
             5. Error recovery 1 from 2
         d) Encryption
         e) Distance measuring PING messages
         f) FLASH sync
         g) control commands
4. Attitude control, orientation system (C)

     Software repository
         a) core microcontroller modules
         b) Quternions math for calulation
         c) speed up calculation for core module
         d) Gyro-platform core module
         e) Acselerometer core module
         f) magnetometer core module
         g) presision of the gyro-platform
         h) control commands
55. Sensors (C)

         a) Pulsar navigation hardware (phase 1)
         b) pulsar navigartion system  (phase 2)
         c) laser range finder
         d) Optical sensors as a earth sensor
         e) sun sensor
5. Cubesat engineering

     Software repository
         a) cobesat frame design requarments
         b) pico-sats design
         c) launch container for cubesats
         d) launch container for picosats
             1. Atomatic system for fitting cube and pico sats into launch container.
             2. code module for optimization of the different shapes of the containers
             3. Manufacturing launch container
6. Orientation system == lectures only (from ....)
         a) Types of stabilization
         b) Gyroscopes
         c) Motion reference units
         d) Horizon sensors
         e) Orbital gyrocompass
         f) Sun sensor
         g) Earth sensor
         h) Star tracker
          i) Magnetometer
          j) Actuators - Thrusters
          k) Actuators - Spin stabilization
          l) Actuators - Momentum wheels
         m) Actuators - Control moment gyros
         n) Actuators - Gravity-gradient stabilization
          o) Actuators - Magnetic torquers
7. Manufacturing of a space hardware with 3D printing technology

      Hardware repository
        a) design of part made from carbon fibre
        b) Epoxy molding design
        c) Solidworks use for 3D printing of the molds
        d) 3D printing of the titanium parts
        e) Laser cutting
8. Marketing and application in space technologies.
         a) Astronautics workshop as a base for industry companies to improve skils of their workforce
         b) bussines network creation
         c) Cross bussines creation based on Astronautics workshop
9. Space Law
        a) Current "space" law status.
        b) Outer Space Treaty framework
10. Navigation System (Java, C, C++, C#)

11. Launch of Cubesat.

12. Mission control and experiments on the orbit.

     Software repository

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